Welcome to Philly Fit Foodies!

Welcome to Philly Fit Foodies—we’re happy you’re here!

We’re Hope and Taylor, the co-founders of Philly Fit Foodies. Plain and simple, we created this platform because we’re obsessed with food and fitness, and we know you are, too. We just can’t keep this love to ourselves anymore!

We’re hoping to meet other people who share our passions and to help grow the Philly wellness community. This blog is meant to be multifaceted—we hope to inform and entertain. We want you to come here to laugh, learn, plan, make friends, etc.—we’re on this journey together!

That being said, we want our content to be meaningful, which means we value your feedback. If you would like us to post about something specific (ANYTHING), let us know! Leave us a comment, shoot us an email (phillyfitfoodies@gmail.com), or hit us up on the ‘gram (@phillyfitfoodies).

Our blog will include a variety of posts—personal experiences, original recipes, meal prep tips, studio and class reviews, instructor interviews, and much more! We truly care about the information we provide. And while we are not experts, if we are posting to educate, we have thoroughly researched the topic.

Thanks for being here!

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