After Promising a February 2017 Opening Date, Sweat Fitness’s New Center City Location Has Finally Opened. Worth it or Nah?

Yes—you read that right. Sweat Fitness‘s new center city location at One South Broad has finally opened, after pushing back the opening date for OVER A YEAR.

When I moved to Old City in October 2016—from my apartment that had [a small, sorry excuse for] a gym—I knew it was time to bite the bullet and join a “real gym”. Sweat’s Old City location is very close to my apartment, and when I went for a tour, they told me about their plans to open a new location in Center City—conveniently located a mere 3 blocks from my office—on February 1, 2017. I wasn’t super into fitness at the time, so purely based off of the convenience of these two locations, I joined Sweat. They had treadmills, and that was all I cared about (a discussion for another blog post).

Fast-forward to March 2018—over a year later—where I find myself fully immersed in the Philly fitness scene. And yet, still no center city Sweat Fitness location. I’ll admit that after expanding my fitness horizons and finding a number of awesome studios around Philly, I considered cancelling my Sweat membership. But sometimes you really just need a gym that’s a couple steps from your apartment and has functioning equipment. Plus, Shawn Reid‘s Boot Camp and Weekend Warrior classes were enough for me to justify the monthly membership fee ($45). But still… where’s our center city location??

In the beginning, Sweat Fitness was transparent about needing another month (and then another, and then another…) to complete their new location, assuring their members that it would be worth the wait. But eventually, the One South Broad updates stopped coming. They stopped promoting the new location on their website, and eventually, it seemed like the new location might never come to fruition.

Well, as of March 28, 2018, the doors of One South Broad have finally opened. No, you can’t workout there yet because they didn’t secure a permit in time (*eyeroll*), but you can go check out the new space for a tour. So Hope and I did just that last week, so we could see for ourselves what took them so long. Drumroll, please…

With a brand new gym, you’d expect new floors—it seems like an obvious thing. But if you’ve ever been to Sweat Fitness’s Old City location, you know that working out amongst splinters and nails is the norm, which is why we were thrilled to see One South Broad’s shiny, new floors in their group class rooms (it’s the little things, okay?).

Some of the more impressive things about Sweat’s new location include a studio dedicated to spin classes with Life Fitness Lifecycle indoor cycling bikes, new Woodway treadmills and water rowing machines on the cardio floor, and a dedicated CrossFit area and 40-foot turf on the weight floor.

As much as it pains us that this gym took over a year to open, we have to admit we’re pretty excited that it’s finally happening. The locations are still convenient, after all, and the tentative class schedule looks pretty solid. We won’t be cancelling our Classpass memberships any time soon, but for $45 a month, we think Sweat Fitness just might be a worthwhile addition to our monthly Classpass memberships.

Supposedly, Sweat Fitness members will officially be able to workout at One South Broad starting this Friday, April 6, and their classes (what they call “Group Ex”) will begin on Monday, April 16. We aren’t holding our breath, but here’s hoping!


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