Chicago-Style Turkey Dogs

July is National Hot Dog Month, and we couldn’t let this one pass us by! I feel like people either love or hate hot dogs. Tbh, a good hot dog is a guilty pleasure of ours. Neither of us had any experience with “Chicago-style dogs” until Taylor recently had one at a bachelorette party, which led to extensive research on the Chicago staple, and then of course, to our lightened-up creation!

Hot dog ingredients can often seem suspect and even deter some—including us—from eating them. We love Applegate Organics’ products, and these turkey dogs really swooped in to save the day here. The main ingredients of these dogs are organic turkey and water, and the  Applegate Organics® The Great Organic Uncured Turkey Hot Dog Brand is casein free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and Whole30 approved. Whew! You’re gonna want to fire up the grill and invite some friends over for this one!

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Chicago-Style Turkey Dogs



  1. Steam buns in microwave for about 30 seconds, then place side by side on a working surface.
  2. Spray grill pan with cooking spray and heat over medium high heat. Once hot, grill turkey dogs for about ten minutes, or until heated through, rotating frequently.
  3. Place cooked turkey dogs in buns.
  4. To assemble, top each turkey dog with two tomato slices, 1 tbsp sweet relish, 1/2 Kosher dill pickle spear, 1 tbsp chopped white onion, and banana peppers, as desired. Drizzle with yellow mustard, to taste. Sprinkle with Himalayan pink salt, to taste.

Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 1 turkey dog

218 calories per serving • Fat: 5.5g • Carbohydrates: 28.9g • Protein: 12.1g


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