Lemon Beet Hummus Deviled Eggs

What is UP, National Deviled Egg Day!? YUP. That’s right—another random AF “national holiday” helping us come up with content and recipes. Hey, it works!

Guys… I’m not going to lie. I have never been a fan of deviled eggs. Honestly, hard boiled eggs always kind of grossed me out unless they were in a salad. Why? I have no idea. Because I LOVE eggs. But deviled eggs… the name is weird, they look kind of weird… IDK. So, needless to say, I wasn’t super hype about this national day at first. But, as per usual, we started thinking about how we could put a healthy spin on this classic recipe.

Our first thought was to swap out mayo for plain nonfat Greek yogurt and be done with it (also probably delicious). But after having laid eyes on this Fresh Lemon Beet Hummus from Ithaca Cold-Crafted at Mom’s Organic Market (I cannot be left to shop alone in there without going rogue and leaving with at least five things that weren’t on my list), the wheels starting spinning. P.S. I used to think beets were gross, too, so I really can’t explain where in my mind this concoction came from.

But BOY, are we glad it happened!!! Not only are these deviled eggs cute as hell (is millennial pink still “in”? not asking for a friend…), they are also unbelievably flavorful. We still incorporated a little bit of Greek yogurt for some creaminess, but otherwise, hummus is all you need here, folks!

Knowing how great these deviled eggs turned out, and knowing all of the many varieties of hummus out there—imagine the possibilities! Goodbye, basic mayo-filled deviled eggs. K, gotta go try these with our Golden Hummus now. BRB.

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Lemon Beet Hummus Deviled Eggs


  • 3 large eggs
  • 6 tbsp lemon beet hummus (or any hummus!); we used Ithaca Cold-Crafted Fresh Lemon Beet Hummus.
  • 1 tbsp plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Himalayan pink salt and pepper, to taste
  • chia seeds and/or chopped chives, optional garnish


  1. Hard boil eggs by placing in a medium pan and covering with about an inch of cold water. Bring water to a boil over medium heat. Once water is boiling, cover and remove from heat for 20 minutes. Remove eggs, and run under cold water to cool. Then, gently crack eggs and peel shells off.
  2. Slice hard boiled eggs in half, lengthwise, and gently remove egg yolks.
  3. Discard one egg yolk, and place the other two in the base of your food processor.
  4. Add hummus, Greek yogurt, salt and pepper to food processor, and process on high until thoroughly combined and smooth.
  5. Spoon mixture into a ziplock bag, and cut off one of the corners, leaving about a 1/2″ opening.
  6. Divide yolk mixture evenly among hard boil egg whites. Top with chia seeds and/or chopped chives, as desired.

Yield: 3 servings
Serving size: 2 deviled eggs

111 calories per serving • Fat: 5.6g • Carbohydrates: 6.5g • Protein: 7.9g


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