WTF: Daybreaker

Man, it has sure been a minute since we’ve brought you a WTF post (whoops). But we’re bringing WTF back this week to discuss a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: DAYBREAKER. Daybreaker might not be as “buzzword-y” in the health and wellness community as some of our previous WTF topics (e.g. matcha, turmeric, and macros), but it’s my hope that someday soon it will be!

Philly’s first Daybreaker at CODA

Perhaps you’ve seen a crazy looking IG or Snapchat story that appears to be taken at a rave at 4 AM, only to realize that the story was posted around 8 AM on a week day. I’ve been guilty of posting similar IG stories before work and have definitely gotten some questionable looks from coworkers upon my (kinda sweaty) arrival at the office.

So, what’s the deal with this early morning weekday “rave”? Are people really partying it up before sunrise? Well, kind of. Skeptical? If you enjoy yoga, dancing, like the idea of hitting 12,000+ steps before 9 AM, or just like fun in general, hear me out…

What is Daybreaker?

According to the Daybreaker website, Daybreaker is “a morning dance party that will start your day with energy and intention.” I think this is a great, concise definition. But Daybreaker is so much more than that.

Daybreaker is a movement that is currently in 25 cities around the world (and growing). It starts—typically, at 6 AM—with an hour-long yoga (or another type of fitness) class. Yoga is then followed by a two-hour dance party with a DJ, complete with live performances from talented local artists—plus, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages from some awesome brands. You may recognize GT’s Kombucha, Lesser Evil Snacks, Chameleon Cold Brew, Nativas Organics, and New Barn, to name a few.

What makes Daybreaker so special?

To get an idea about what makes Daybreaker so special, check out their core values:

• Wellness: Sweat, eat and drink with intention (our three favorite activities, tbh)
• Camaraderie: Open your hear and connect with people
• Self-expression: Be your gloriously unabashed self
• Mindfulness: Be Here Now
• Mischief: Break the rules with love

Camaraderie is probably the value that sticks out to me the most. When I attended my first Daybreaker, I went by myself. Would I ever go out to a club at night by myself? Heck no. But I wanted to experience this morning dance party whether or not I could find someone to join me. (I know Hope would have gone with me if she didn’t have to be at work before 9 AM. #teacherprobs)

Anyways, I went by myself. And I didn’t feel weird or awkward for a second. I felt welcomed. I felt completely comfortable, dancing like no one was watching, in a huge dance circle full of complete strangers. And I was sober. And so was everyone around me. This was such a new concept and unique experience—one, I feel, you truly have to see for yourself to fully understand.

Mindfulness is another value that (I think) makes Daybreaker special. At the end of every Daybreaker, intention cards are handed out, and a quote is read in unison to set intentions before everyone parts ways. The most recent Philly Daybreaker ended with Philly’s own Luna Maye leading a sound meditation. If you’ve never experienced a sound meditation, get ON IT! It’s a truly magical experience that will leave you feeling like you’re ready for whatever life has to throw your way that day (or week… or month).

What have past Philly Daybreakers looked like?

Onesie-themed Daybreaker

Daybreaker has been in Philly for less than a year, but it’s certainly gotten around the city. From the deck of the Moshulu, to the rooftop at Stratus Lounge, to One Liberty Observation Deck watching the sunrise over the city—each Daybreaker location has brought something unique and special. Some past themes have included a Halloween masquerade, a onesie theme (my personal fave), and a space disco theme. Not into dressing up? No worries. Come as you are! Music vibes at past Daybreakers have ranged from everything to house, disco, classic throwbacks (cue Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson) and more. Oh, and past performers have included live bands, an electronic violinist and, most recently, drag queens.

When is the next Daybreaker in Philly? Where can I snag a ticket?

The next Daybreaker in Philly happens to be Philly’s first Daybreaker at DUSK! Meaning, you don’t have to get up at the a**crack of dawn—you can come join in on the fun after work at a slightly more “normal” time.

The next Philly Daybreaker is happening on December 13th at Warehouse on Watts (aka WOW) from 6–9 PM. You can read more about the “Winter Wonderland” themed event and purchase your ticket here!

What if I hate yoga?

It’s all good! You can always get a slightly cheaper ticket for just the 7–9 AM dance party and intention setting portion of the festivities. (Also a great option for those of you who are thinking 6 AM is just too early.)

How do I get more involved?

You can start by joining the Facebook group or by going to the website and signing up for email updates. Another way to get more involved is to become a volunteer, or a “Mischief Maker” (with me!). Being a Mischief Maker means you get to Daybreaker events a little early (where my fellow morning people at?!) and stay a little late to help with set-up, signing people in and clean up. As a Mischief Maker, you’re also responsible for helping to spread the word about this amazing opportunity available to Philadelphians.

Whether you choose to get involved or not, I truly hope you’ll come check out Daybreaker for yourself. If you don’t want to go alone, slide into our DMs. I’ll be your friend!

Intention card. Photo from Daybreaker

This post is part of our WTF series—where we’ll break down some of the latest food, fitness, and health + wellness trends blowing up your Instagram feed.


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