Our Meal Prep Pantry Staples

Hello and happy first day of Meal Prep Week here at Philly Fit Foodies! Given that it’s the beginning of a new year, and we’re guessing many of you might have set an intention for 2019 to cook and/or meal prep more, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand. No, we’re not going to meal prep for you (sry), but we will help you get the [meat]ball rolling!

Let’s start with some basics. In order to set yourself up for meal prep success, it’s important to have some key ingredients locked and loaded in your pantry/fridge at all times. In addition to the obvious (spices, EVOO, vinegars, etc.), these pantry staples are our must-have items whenever prepping meals for the week. As you’ll read below, these ingredients are incredibly versatile and can all be life saving in a meal prep pinch.

We don’t want to rush you, but you might want to run out and stock up on these pantry staples ASAP. We’ve got some killer meal prep-friendly recipes coming your way this week, and we’d hate to see anyone miss out!


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