WTF: Sprouted Seeds

If you’ve stepped foot in a grocery store recently or if you follow any health food blogs, you’ve likely heard the term “sprouted” used to describe seeds (i.e. grains, nuts, beans and other kinds of seeds). But what does it mean?? And why? If you’ve spent a lot of time wondering this, don’t worry, because same. It’s easy to see or hear things advertised as “healthy” … Continue reading WTF: Sprouted Seeds

WTF: Turmeric

We’re switching it up on you guys this week with a WTF post on a Thursday! And this Thursday, I’m hype to talk about one of my favorite, anti-inflammatory ingredients ever. As you may know from reading my blog post about doing Whole30 earlier this year, gut health is an obsession of mine. It’s something I’ve become increasingly fascinated with over the last few years. … Continue reading WTF: Turmeric


Last August, when I finally took responsibility for, and got serious about, my wellness, I did a lot of research around diet and exercise best practices. I found many different meal plans, training guides, and other various articles and resources. Many training guides I found mentioned “HIIT” and “LISS”. As a former cardio junkie, unsuccessfully chasing certain goals, I felt enlightened and hopeful when I … Continue reading WTF: HIIT/LISS

WTF: Macros

“Macros” is a term that has been used frequently and increasingly in the health and fitness world. Most commonly, people talk about “tracking macros”—or maybe you’ve heard the phrase “IIFYM” (“If It Fits Your Macros”), which I honestly thought was another Drake song at first glance. This past summer, when I became dedicated to bettering my health and fitness, I conducted much research on the … Continue reading WTF: Macros

WTF: Carb Loading

We’re just four days away from the annual Blue Cross Broad Street 10-Miler here in Philly (yikes), which got us thinking about a popular pre-race ritual: carbohydrate loading. Both Hope and I have participated in various distance runs from 10-milers to half marathons over the last few years, but admittedly, never really thought about carb loading in depth. We knew carbs fueled our bodies before … Continue reading WTF: Carb Loading

WTF: Collagen Peptides

There’s no denying that collagen peptides have taken the health + wellness world by storm lately. Bloggers and ‘grammers galore have been posting about this dietary supplement for awhile now, but what exactly is it? Why are people so obsessed with it? How can you incorporate it into your diet? Let’s get down to business. (If you didn’t just sing the Mulan song in your … Continue reading WTF: Collagen Peptides

WTF: Ghee

You guys may have noticed this ingredient called ghee (pronounced “gi”) in a few of the recipes we’ve posted—like our Chocolate Spice Macro Bites (yum), and as part of the hollandaise sauce in our Sweet Potato + Avocado Eggs Benedict. Maybe you saw ghee listed in the ingredients sections of those recipes and thought, WTF is ghee? Allow us to explain. Ever since doing Whole30, ghee … Continue reading WTF: Ghee

WTF: Matcha

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!! We’re celebrating all weekend with one of our favorite green ingredients—MATCHA! By now, you’ve probably seen the green lattes floating around your local coffee shops. Even Starbucks has joined the bandwagon. But other than a pretty, ‘grammable color, what is matcha exactly? We’re so glad you asked… What is matcha? Matcha is green tea powder, made by taking young tea … Continue reading WTF: Matcha