Carrot Cake Energy Bites

We’ve been busy brainstorming our favorite springtime treats to lighten up and share with you guys! One of our favorite desserts around this time of year is carrot cake. Alas, Carrot Cake Energy Bites are born. These energy bites are perfect to make for Easter, to satisfy your sweet tooth without loading up on refined sugars, or to just have around for a snack, as … Continue reading Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Green Goddess Dip

Even if the weather in Philadelphia still says winter, we’re officially getting into the swing of spring! What better way to start than with a colorful platter full of veggies and a dip packed with fresh herbs? We recently had dinner at one of Stephen Starr’s newest Philadelphia restaurants, The Love, and were so into their Green Goddess Dip + Crudités appetizer that we just … Continue reading Green Goddess Dip

Interview: Katie Graham, Co-Owner + Instructor, RIDE Spin, Barre & TRX Studio

Name: Katie Graham Age: 26 Hometown: Abington, PA Current Location: Huntington Valley, PA Instructor at: RIDE Spin, Barre & TRX Studio Classes taught per week: 7 (14 this week!); Monday: 6 PM Barre, 7 PM RIDE/TRX Fusion; Wednesday: 5:30 AM Rhythm RIDE, 7 PM Barre; Friday: 5:45 AM RIDE/Barre Fusion; Saturday: 7 AM RIDE & Abs; Sunday: 9:30 AM Rhythm RIDE Fun Fact: Her and … Continue reading Interview: Katie Graham, Co-Owner + Instructor, RIDE Spin, Barre & TRX Studio

Hot + Iced Matcha Lattes

Welcome to Day 2 of our Matcha Madness Weekend! Now that we all know what matcha is, let’s talk about one of the most popular (and delicious) ways to consume it. Matcha lattes are becoming more and more universally available, but let’s be honest—they can get pretty expensive. Not exactly an affordable daily habit (on our budgets, at least). And, as always, when dining out, … Continue reading Hot + Iced Matcha Lattes

WTF: Matcha

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!! We’re celebrating all weekend with one of our favorite green ingredients—MATCHA! By now, you’ve probably seen the green lattes floating around your local coffee shops. Even Starbucks has joined the bandwagon. But other than a pretty, ‘grammable color, what is matcha exactly? We’re so glad you asked… What is matcha? Matcha is green tea powder, made by taking young tea … Continue reading WTF: Matcha

WTF: Intuitive Eating

Have you seen #intuitiveeating on your social feed recently and wondered WTF it means? You’re not alone. But since we’re personally fascinated by it, we thought you might be, too! The term intuitive eating was coined in the mid-90’s, based on a nutrition philosophy that dates back to the nineteenth century (aka, this is not a new trend or passing fad). Before we dive into … Continue reading WTF: Intuitive Eating

Goldie Copycat: Vegan Tehina Shake

Hopefully, if you live in Philadelphia, you have experienced the pure deliciousness that is Goldie Falafel and their tehina shakes. Michael Solomonov is the chef behind Goldie (among other Philly-favorite restaurants) and a local legend among us foodies. I’m fortunate enough to work around the corner from Goldie (aka The Danger Zone) but have been determined to replicate these shakes at home to save some … Continue reading Goldie Copycat: Vegan Tehina Shake

Interview: Shawn Reid, Instructor, Sweat Fitness

Name: Shawn Reid Age: 45 Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia Current Location: Chinatown, Philly Instructor at: Sweat Fitness Classes taught per week: 4: Tuesday 7 PM at Queen Village: Super Strong; Wednesday 7:15 PM at Old City: Boot Camp, Friday 1:15 PM at Old City: Raw, Saturday 12 PM at Old City: Weekend Warrior, plus personal training IG: @mediumsizeddeal We were so excited to interview Shawn for our FIRST instructor interview for many reasons. Shawn’s classes are easily some … Continue reading Interview: Shawn Reid, Instructor, Sweat Fitness